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Introducing Coresec


Introducing Coresec

Because a dangerous world calls for a strong, focused team

Coresec is the next step in cyber security.

We believe that ever more dangerous and persistent threats demand a strong and focused response.

Our answer is to take our experience and expertise to the next level, by dedicating all of our resources and talents to one noble task only: Enabling enterprises to operate freely and openly, yet also safely and confidently.

Cyber threats


Our answer to cyber threats:

Power and expertise combined with speed and agility

Coresec is one of the largest companies in Europe specialized in cyber security for enterprises.

We have the resources and expertise necessary to safeguard you against the multitude of grave threats out there.

Yet we also have the focus and agility to respond speedily and effectively to emergencies and ever evolving security challenges.

Why Coresec


Why Coresec?

Because the biggest names in banking and retail demand the very best in security

Coresec provides security for international financial institutions, global retail giants and a number of other multinational companies.

They trust Coresec to enable them to operate safely and successfully in a dangerous world.



Certified expertise


Certified expertise

The most trusted partner for the World’s leading security vendors

Gold Partner. Platinum Partner. Elite Partner.

Coresec has been awarded top certification from a number of the industry’s leading security vendors.

Our portfolio of top-rated partnerships is without comparison in Europe.

Standing guard 24/7


Standing guard around the clock

Providing you with 24/7 security support

Hackers and criminals operate in every time zone, and highly qualified experts need to stand guard against them at any time.